Q9Software offers a comprehensive series of services across a broad spectrum of technologies, including client/server computing, mid-range computers and mainframes. Advancements in the field of Information Technology have been rapid over the past decade and even the most successful companies have been finding it difficult to adapt new technologies to maximize the returns from their businesses. The problem is compounded many fold for those companies that simply did not keep pace with the changing technology, and were left paying the price in the form of a poor growth and performance numbers.

Q9Software has designed its services to assist such companies which may require skilled professionals in developing and implementing technology based solutions that are state of sthe art in order to achieve their goals. Q9Software professionals have been chosen from among the best in the industry to provide our clients with the highest quality services in the most responsive manner possible.

The varied services offered to Q9Software clients can be broadly categorized into the following:

On-site Contracting:

Our professionals work on a time and material basis at the client site and the client is billed accordingly. The consultants will be working under the supervision of project leaders or manages assigned by the client. The consultant could be grouped with consultants from other vendor companies to accomplish their assigned tasks.

Off-site Contracting:

The consultants are assigned to work on specific tasks for our end clients. However, the work will be performed at Q9Software offices and later implemented at the client location. The clients will still be billed on a time and material basis. Our off-shore offices provide an excellent means of controlling the final cost of designing and deploying state of the art applications for our clients.

Fixed-bid Projects:

These are projects that Q9Software subcontracts from the clients on a fixed cost basis to the client. The requirement definition is agreed upon and an initial estimate is given to the clients. Q9Software and the client agree on the factors that could effect the final budget assigned to the project. The final project proposal will then be submitted by Q9Software to the client identifying the objectives of the project, assumptions made, project plan, resources required and the margin for errors. Once the project plan is approved by the client, the project will be developed by Q9Software consultants either at the client site or at Q9Software offices depending upon the requirement.

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